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Financial Education & Counseling

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At USE Credit Union, we’re passionate about helping you chase your dreams and transform your life. That’s why we’re proud to introduce GreenPath the free financial wellness program that can help you eliminate stress, build savings, and achieve your goals.

Money health

Find out how to ease your financial stress and achieve your financial goals

Credit counseling

Discuss your credit standing and get tips to improve your credit score

Student loan counseling

See the pros and cons for each of your student loan repayment options

Debt management

Brainstorm all of your options for managing and paying off your debt


Get guidance to buy a home, avoid foreclosure, or navigate a reverse mortgage

Financial savvy

Improve your financial IQ with online resources and money management tools

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USE Credit Union partners with GreenPath Financial Wellness who provides financial education and counseling services on our behalf. This partnership is available as free member benefit and we welcome your feedback at USE Credit Union is not an affiliate of GreenPath Financial Wellness. GreenPath Financial Wellness is a trademark of GreenPath Inc.

This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be financial or investment advice. Consult a licensed professional for financial planning and investment advice.