Credit Cards

Traveling? Read some helpful tips on credit and debit usage before you go!

Let Us Know

Notify USECU where you will be traveling and how long you'll be there. Simply fill out a Travel Notification Form in Online Banking, under Secure Forms. Confirm that your email and phone number are up-to-date by verifying with a USECU representative. To receive fraud alert texts, ensure that your mobile number is the primary phone on record. Please note: Fraud alerts are currently sent to US-based numbers only.

If you run into any trouble using your card while traveling, just give us a call at 866.873.4968 in the U.S., if you are overseas visit our AT&T USA Direct Traveler Phone Service and follow the simple instructions to get the AT&T Network access number. Once you have reached the AT&T Network, dial 866.873.4968. We can help.

Be Prepared

Ensure that your card is activated before you leave, and check the expiration dates on your USECU Debit & Credit Cards. Also, be sure that you have a valid PIN for each card.

Don't travel with just one card! If your card is lost or stolen - or it malfunctions or must be blocked for security reasons - you'll want to have another payment method. Consider taking a second card (debit, credit or prepaid card) and having emergency cash on hand.

Check your account balances using Online Banking or our Mobile App. If cell service is not available, please use a computer to access Online Banking. This will allow us to confirm your identity if you message us there. Please ensure you have an email address associated with your security settings. You can add this under "My Settings" in Online Banking.

Avoid excessive fees. Look for ATMs displaying the CO-OP Network logos. If outside of the country, use ATMs with recognizable logos, such as Mastercard®.

A Foreign Transaction fee will be added to any card transaction with a foreign merchant.

Be Safe

When at an ATM, keep an eye out for skim devices. If the card reader can be jiggled or the machine appears to have been altered in any way, you should use a different ATM.

Stay alert when in public. Ask friends and family, a concierge, or others about areas that are safe and areas to avoid.