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Already a Cardholder?

Here are some helpful tips to manage your account.

Activate a card:

  • Visit your local USE branch
  • Call toll free: 877.723.5999

Manage Credit Card Rewards:

Choose a Personal
Identification Number (PIN):

  • Visit your local USE branch
  • Call toll-free: 877.267.6941
  • International: 859.488.4135

Problems Using Mastercard®/Shopping

Transfer A Balance:

  • Visit your local USE branch
  • Call toll free: 866.873.4968

Report a lost/stolen card:

  • Visit your local USE branch
  • Call toll free: 866.873-4968
  • International: 812.647.9794

Travel notification:

  • Avoid temporary card suspension due to unusual spending patterns
  • Tell us when you travel out of state or out of the country
  • Call 866.873.4968 or complete the Travel Notification Form in Online Banking before you travel

Traveling? Read some helpful tips on credit and debit usage before you go!

Card Management in Online & Mobile Banking

Card Management makes it easy for you to take charge of your card, 24/7 through USE Credit Union online banking or our mobile app. You can:

  • Temporarily turn your card off or on – perfect for when you think you might have misplaced the card, since you can instantly turn it back on when you locate the card.
  • Report a card lost or stolen – it’s the simplest way ever to report your card as lost or stolen and prevent unauthorized use.
  • Replace a card – with a few clicks or taps, your new card will be on its way to you.
  • Set card limits – puts you in control of your card’s ATM or daily spending limits.
  • Cancel a card – if you no longer want the card, this is a hassle-free way to close the card permanently.

Here are a few of the most common questions:

What happens when I temporarily turn my card off in Card Management?

When you turn the card off, it’s immediately locked and new purchases, cash advances and balance transfers are blocked. This way, if the card falls into the wrong hands, fraudulent purchases can be prevented. When you find the card, simply turn it back on in Card Management. If it doesn’t turn up, be sure to use Card Management to report the card as lost or stolen.

Why should I turn off my card?

Turning off your card protects your account if you’ve misplaced your card or think it may have been stolen. When you find the card, simply turn it back on in Card Management and you can begin using it right away.

How long does my card stay turned off?

A card stays turned off until the primary cardholder returns to Card Management to turn it back on.

When I turn off my card, how long does it take for transactions to be blocked?

The lock takes effect immediately, and new purchases, cash advances and balance transfers are blocked.

If one card on the account is turned off, can other cardholders use their cards?

Yes. All authorized users on an account have their own card numbers, so they can continue to use their cards even when another card on the account is turned off.

What should I do if I’ve experienced fraud or lost my card?

Simply go to Card Management and click on the Report Lost/Stolen tab. This will prevent any further fraudulent use of the card. If you see fraudulent charges on the account, please complete a Cardholder Dispute Form - Fraud under Secure Forms in Online Banking. Or just give us a call at 866.873.4968.

When should I replace my card?

If your card is damaged, it may not work properly so you should request a replacement which will arrive within 7-10 business days. Your card number will remain the same, but there will be a new expiration date. Remember, your current card will remain active until you activate your replacement card.

You should also replace your card if it’s been lost or stolen. If that happens, you can easily prevent fraudulent use by using Card Management to report the card as lost or stolen.

What are card limits?

Your card comes with upper limits on daily ATM withdrawals and daily spending. In Card Management you can adjust those limits if, for example, you’re trying to keep to a specific daily budget. On debit cards, you can adjust the ATM withdrawal limit and daily card spending limit. On credit cards, you can adjust the daily card spending limit – remember, that limit does not reflect your available credit. These limits will stay in place until you come back and adjust them. Want to raise your current limits? Give us a call at 866.873.2968.

When should I cancel my card?

If you decide that you no longer want the card, you can cancel it permanently in Card Management. Please remember, though, that this feature closes the card permanently. If your card has been lost or stolen, or used fraudulently, please use the Report Lost/Stolen Card option instead. If you have already cancelled your card and would like to request a new card, please give us a call at 866.873.4968.


The USE Platinum Mastercard® Debit/ATM Card is issued by USE Credit Union pursuant to a license agreement by Mastercard®International Incorporated. USECU is not affiliated with Mastercard International Incorporated, who provides these services on our behalf. We partner with preferred providers such as Mastercard International Incorporated in order to provide products and services that add value to your membership. We monitor these relationships closely and welcome your feedback at