Savings Rates

Rates Effective: 

  Rate APY
Regular Savings .10% .10%
Advantage Savings .10% .10%
Youth (Penny) Savings1 .10% .10%
IRA Regular Savings .10% .10%
Holiday Savings2 .30% .30%
Legacy Savings .00% .00%


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Dividend Rates (Rates) and Annual Percentage Yields (APYs) are the anticipated rates and yields for the current period and are variable, meaning they can change without notice unless noted otherwise. APYs assume dividends will remain in the account. Withdrawals and fees may reduce earnings. Refer to the Schedule of Fees and Charges for more information about fees. All rates and terms are subject to change.

1. Designed for minors under age 18, using the minor's tax identification number. A person of majority age must also be joint on the account.

2. Deposits only, with one annual disbursement in November. A withdrawal, other than scheduled disbursement, will cause the account to be closed and any accrued dividends will be forfeited.