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Online and Mobile Security

Multi-Factor Authentication
Think of it as Enhanced Login Security. It protects against online fraud by providing an additional authentication ‘factor’ beyond your username and password through the use of a one-time access code.

When will I know that Enhanced Login Security is set for my accounts?
You have been prompted, or will be if you are a first-time Online or Mobile Banking user, to set up extra login security when you access your online banking session. You can set up how you want to receive a one-time passcode from the options that are available to you, then you're all set. You can receive this one-time access code by:

  • Phone
  • Text message
  • Email (after initial authentication)

How will it affect my online banking experience?
Once you set up your login security options the next time you login it will be business as usual, the rest of your online banking experience will remain exactly the same.

For your convenience, after you successfully authenticate with your User ID, password and One-Time Passcode (OTP), you may enroll your computer for use in authentication. If you choose to enroll your computer, a special Browser Cookie will be present on the system, which will act in place of your phone for something you have in your possession.

We recommend you ensure that your browser settings and any antivirus software you have do not delete your cookies (data files) so that you are not prompted to provide the One-Time Passcode (OTP) every time you log into Internet Banking.

Can I access my account from other computers at my home, my office or on the road?
Multi-Factor Authentication identifies you as the true “owner” of your accounts by recognizing not only your password but your device as well. If we don’t recognize your computer or mobile device – you’ve logged in from a public computer or get a new smart phone, for example – we’ll ask you to select how you want to receive the unique one-time access code.

You will then be asked to enter that code as an additional line of defense to prevent unauthorized access. 

Logging in from a Computer You Normally Use?
When you choose to enroll your computer as PRIVATE, a special Browser Cookie will be present on the system, which will act in place of your Login Security - One-Time Passcode (OTP). You will only need your User ID and password to access your account information.

If you are still getting prompted to provide your Login Security, then please ensure that you have the following:

  • Using one of the Recommended Operating Systems for Online Banking
  • Using one of the Recommended Browsers for Online Banking
  • Browser is not set to delete cookies (Please check your browser help settings for more information on managing cookies)
  • Any antivirus software is not set to delete cookies
  • No viruses or malware on your computer
  • No usage of a proxy server or “web accelerator” by your internet service provider
  • If using a computer from work, verify that your office technical department is not automating deletion of cookies

Logging in from a Computer You DO NOT Normally Use?
When you choose to list your computer as PUBLIC, you will need to provide your User ID, password and you will be prompted to provide your Login Security One-Time Passcode (OTP) each time you log into your account. We recommend this setting when logging in from a library or school computer.

I don't have access to any of the three methods of retrieving the one-time passcode. Can I still access Online Banking?
Unfortunately, if you are using an unauthorized device and do not have access to your registered phone or your email account, you will not be able to access your Online Banking information. Ensuring that you have an email account that can be access via the Internet from anywhere (web mail) will ensure you at least have access to receiving the One-Time Passcode by email.

I prefer not to use Enhanced Login Security to protect my Online Banking information. Is there a way for me to turn off this feature?
No, Enhanced Login Security is MANDATORY for all Online Banking users.

Can I change the phone number or email address that I have set-up for Enhanced Login Security?
Yes. Access your phone and email settings under the My Settings link in Online Banking and all of the settings for this feature can be updated at any time.

Mobile App Security

In addition to Multi-Factor authentication for our mobile apps, USE Credit Union supports Touch ID® and Fingerprint ID on our mobile banking app for both iPhone® and AndroidTM devices. Seamlessly use your unique fingerprint as a password to unlock the USECU Mobile App and keep your information secure.

Additional ways you can protect yourself online.

Choose Your Password Wisely
Never use easy-to-guess passwords, such as your date of birth, pet's name, or social security number. USE Credit Union allows you to set a password that is 6-15 characters long. The password is case sensitive and requires at least 1 letter, at least 1 number, and can’t contain leading or trailing spaces. Never reveal your password to another person. You should periodically change your password by following the User Options link in Online Banking.

Secure Your Computer
There are simple steps even the "nontechnical" among us can take to keep our home computers safe. Keep your operating system and browser up to date and install anti-virus software (and update it regularly). We also recommend that you use a personal firewall. Just like anti-virus programs, personal firewalls are a necessity in today’s environment of open kiosks, free Wi-Fi access, etc., to help protect your computer from hackers.

Avoid malware; install anti-malware software
As you browse the Internet, certain web pages may install unwanted programs, cookies, spy programs, etc., to your system. Many of these can perform serious harm to your computer and can give the fraudsters “inside” tools to steal your information. We recommend you install both anti-virus and anti-spyware programs on your computer to help protect you. We strongly encourage you to keep them both up-to-date and scan your system often.

Use Only Trusted Computers
USE Credit Union doesn’t recommend you use a public computer to bank online. It’s not worth the potential risk as you don’t know how secure they are. Some computers may contain spyware designed to capture your Online Banking User ID and password so only use a computer that you know and trust.

Touch ID is supported on Apple devices including the iPhone 5S or later, as well as the iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, and iPad Pro or later. Older generations of iPad and iPhone do not support Touch ID. Fingerprint ID is supported on any Android device that has a physical fingerprint scanner and is running the Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system. iPhone and Touch ID are trademarks of Apple Inc. Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

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