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5 Tips to Put You in a Money-Saving Frame of Mind

The way you think about money is a big part of the way you decide to spend it. Follow these tips to make lasting changes, achieve your savings goals, and bring your future plans to life.

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Are Your Finances Recession-Ready?

A recession, and its effects on the job market and local businesses, can be a big financial challenge for many. Here's what you can do to stay prepared.

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"USECU isn't just my bank, it's my people."

-Geoffrey, Member Since 1978

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"What it came down to was not so much the steps of applying for a loan, but the care and connection they made in doing so."

-Monica, Member Since 2011

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"I really like the warm welcome I receive when I enter the branch, they make me feel like a person and not just another customer."

-Paul, Member Since 2013

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"I really love the people there - and they love me! It's apparent that they are kind hearted people."

-Nicole, Member Since 2015