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The Credit Union Difference

What is a Credit Union?
A credit union is a cooperative, not-for-profit, financial institution, owned and operated by its members to meet their financial needs. A credit union serves members who share a common bond, such as location/community, education, social interest, employment, or religion. Unlike most other financial institutions, credit unions don’t issue stock or pay dividends to outside stockholders.  Instead, earnings are returned to members in the form of highly competitive loan and savings rates and fewer fees.

About Credit Unions

How Does A Credit Union Operate?
A credit union is owned and operated by its members, with everyone in a defined field of membership being eligible to become a member. The members elect a volunteer Board of Directors from their membership to provide strategic guidance and work with the credit union's management team to achieve the goals of the organization. A Supervisory Committee is also made up of members to audit financial operations and ensure safety of members' funds.

Who Regulates Credit Unions?  Are Deposits Insured?
The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) regulates all credit unions. And in the case of state- chartered credit unions, the Department of Financial Institutions also plays an important regulatory role. USE Credit Union is a federally insured, state-chartered credit union. Under the authority of the Federal Credit Union Act, the NCUA prescribes rules and regulations for the organization and operation of all federally-charted credit unions. The NCUA also provides insurance for all federal credit union accounts. Just as banks are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), the NCUA also provides credit union savings insurance of at least $250,000 through the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF), a savings insurance program backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government. View the PDF brochure, provided by the NCUA, for more information.

Cooperative Principles
As a financial co-operative, we are committed to the Cooperative Principles of the World Council of Credit Unions. These principles are the very foundation of our identity as a credit union:

Democratic Structure

  • Open & Voluntary Membership
  • Democratic Control
  • Non-Discrimination

Service to Members

  • Distribution to Members
  • Building Financial Stability
  • Service to Member

Social Goals

  • Ongoing Education
  • Cooperation Among Cooperatives
  • Social Responsibility

The International Credit Union Operating Principles are founded in the philosophy of cooperation and its central values of equality, equity and mutual self-help. Recognizing the varied practices in the implementation of credit union philosophy around the world, at the heart of these principles is the concept of human development and the brotherhood of man expressed through people working together to achieve a better life for themselves and their community.

For more information, please visit the National Credit Union Administration and World Council of Credit Unions.

Pass Along Your Credit Union Legacy

As a parent or grandparent, the welfare of your children and grandchildren is always at the forefront of your mind. You’ve probably considered what will happen to them when you are no longer around, and may have already set up a will and trust with the house, the car and other financial assets specifically doled out to your beneficiaries. Your legacy extends further than just the tangibles, however. You’ll pass on many traits unique to your family, such as your name, genetics and maybe an old family recipe. Passing along your credit union legacy can be both a tangible and intangible benefit to those you care about.

Because of your membership with USECU, your immediate family members are eligible to join at any time as well. The benefits of credit union membership are innumerable. Credit unions are financial cooperatives, owned by their members. Because there are no shareholders, the board’s only interest is the safety and soundness of the credit union and making sure that members, not stockholders, are the beneficiaries of product and service decisions. Credit unions are member-owned, not-for-profit financial cooperatives, dedicated to improving members' lives.

Members of your family will experience the same benefits of credit union membership you already enjoy. They, too, will benefit from expert advice, low rates on loans, high dividends on savings and term share certificates, and exceptional member service. So, give your family the gift of membership today, and encourage those you care about to join your credit union and become a part of your credit union legacy.

To set up accounts for your children or grandchildren today, click here.  If you prefer, you may give us a call at 866.873.4968, or stop by one of our branches


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