Where do I send my proof of insurance?

When you get an auto, boat or RV loan from us, you’re required to maintain both comprehensive and collision coverage and to list USE Credit Union as the lienholder or loss payee.

The quickest way to provide proof of insurance is to go online and enter your information at our Insurance Verification Center at www.myinsuranceinfo.com.

If that’s not convenient, you can also:

  • Have your insurance agent call us at 800.998.0762.
  • Fax evidence of insurance to the insurance center at 800.709.4820.
  • Mail proof of insurance to: Insurance Center, P.O. Box 58610, Tukwila, WA 98138

Remember to check your loan agreement to ensure that the level of insurance you get meets the requirements of your loan. If we don’t receive proof of insurance coverage, or the level of coverage does not meet the levels outlined in your loan agreement, we’ll be required to purchase collateral protection insurance (CPI) on your behalf to protect our interest in the vehicle.