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Tap Into Home Equity

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Home Equity Line of Credit: Property must be owner-occupied, single-family residence or 1–4 story condominium in California only. Maximum loan amount 70% combined loan to value.

No-closing costs are offered on HELOCs per the terms below and are available on fixed-rate home loans for a slightly higher rate. USECU will cover the following closing costs (fees): flood certification, title insurance, escrow, credit report, condo processing, mortgage recording, notary, trust documentation, release of third-party mortgage and an Automated Value Method (AVM). If the loan is closed within three years of origination, an Early Account Closure Fee of $500 will be assessed to recover to cost of the fees paid by credit union. A Reconveyance Fee is charged when the line is closed and the balance is paid in full. The $50 Annual Fee is waived the first year and assessed on each annual loan anniversary date; thereafter if the outstanding balance falls below $10,000. An optional appraisal may be required based on the AVM findings, the requested loan amount and Loan-To-Value (LTV). If an appraisal is ordered, the actual cost will be paid by you.

1. Check with your tax professional for more information.