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Gas. Groceries. Routine expenses. You count on your debit and credit cards more than ever these days. With so many everyday expenses, you need an everyday card that works hard to save you money. That's why we offer you one of the lowest Platinum credit card rates available and rewards incentives on both credit and debit cards. At USECU, member savings are in the cards.

Tips for Preventing ‘ATM Skimming’ 

A form of debit and credit card fraud called ‘ATM skimming’ continues to be a method of stealing information from unsuspecting cardholders. Fraudsters insert or affix hidden electronics onto ATM machines to steal the personal information stored on a debit or credit card, and record the owner’s PIN number to access cash in the member’s account. 

It is important that you are aware about how to keep your debit and credit card information and PIN number safe while using ATMs. 

Here are three tips to help you avoid becoming a victim of ATM skimming:

Protect Your PIN
Hidden cameras, false “overlay” keyboards, and other methods are often used to steal your PIN. Covering the keyboard as you enter your PIN is a simple way to help avoid theft. Never give your PIN to anyone, and do not use any ATM with a card reader that appears altered. 

Observe The ATM
Devices added to the exterior are often taped for quick removal – jiggling the keyboard or insert device may tell you it is loose. This is one way of capturing your personal data. Highly trafficked ATMs and those with security or cameras may be less likely to be tampered with. Uncertain? We recommend that you go to a different ATM or gas pump. If you notice something wrong, contact the credit union directly. 

Check Your Balances Frequently
Checking your balances through online banking is the easiest way to watch your funds. Whether you suspect anything unusual or not, monitoring your account activity regularly allows you to recognize unusual activity quickly and report it to the credit union. Timely reporting may also limit your personal liability. Use the contact number on the back of your debit or credit card to report any fraudulent withdrawals and request your card be reissued.

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